"I just had a wonderful reading with Colleen. I asked her for information from my spirit guides. She was able to tell me about one of my guides and gave me such a clear description of him that I will not have any trouble talking to him in the future.

She also gave me information that confirmed for me the path that I am on is the right one. It was very specific and not at all generic.

Colleen is very down to earth She has a wicked sense of humor that got me past my nervousness. Please Give Colleen a call. You really will enjoy every moment!"

-Sherri, USA



Before I sit to do readings, I do some meditation and prayer that the messages needed will be sent and received. I know I am just the middle-man between the spirit world and the person being read. I do a short protection prayer and ask for the highest good of all parties.

I work closely with Jesus, Gabrielle and Metatron. Behind them stand the group I call The Chorus. Any one of these light beings who wishes to speak will come forth, or they may speak as a group.

One of my talents seems to be passing on good navigational directions for those looking to move houses or careers. I can see a map in my mind and a kind of pointer will give directions for your search. I do my best to ask for many specific details during the reading so that you have as much to work with as possible. 

Come with your questions but not expectations. Sometimes spirit will not say what you want. Please, be prepared for this as I will not censor any message I get. Take notes during the reading as I do not record them at this time.

Spirit Art:

After a short meditation, I will ask for the spirit to come forward that wishes to have their portrait drawn. They will hold their image in my mind's eye for as long as needed. In the case of Personal Mandalas, they will send me the idea of image and color and shape based on your personality or spiritual need. I spend a lot of time listening to spirit during the creation.

Spirit Art may take more than a week to complete. It also requires extended concentration and focus. Watercolors may take 2-3 weeks as spirit tells me which color it wants where and what technique they want me to use.


Classes and Coaching:

The classes that I will offer here are developed in partnership with my guides, and tested thoroughly by members of ISD Oasis. 

I  offer one-on-one spiritual coaching. This is your chance to pick my brain for one hour every week for six weeks. 

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