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I always knew I didn’t see things the way other people, classmates, co-workers, parents or friends saw them. But it wasn’t until a strange series of events in 2008 that I came to fully accept and acknowledge my abilities. I was afraid that my personality would change, but it didn’t. I am still the same shoot-from-the-hip, brutally honest, double Sagittarian, redheaded, pain in the rear I have always been. Did I mention I have a warped sense of humor, too?

I am currently working on my autobiography titled “Angels in My Life”, and a book of channeled messages titled “Channeled Nature: Messages from Tree” which will become a series.

I am still growing and learning in this body, in this time and space. I have no idea how far these gifts can go. Okay, maybe I have a little tiny idea. I read and study and work on my own spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental growth every day. I welcome you to join me on this amazing journey.


"I have had the pleasure of Colleen reading for me.  I must say what a lovely lady she is and how she got straight to the point of the matter in a loving and caring way.  She is a very thorough lady, the way she delivers the message is easily understood.  I would definitely recommend Colleen to anyone.  You can tell Colleen has got an awesome connection to spirit because her messages are so thorough."

-Margaret, United Kingdom


"The best thing I can say about Psychic of Light after our session is … she is for real. She connects to Spirit. She gives you what she gets, without filter, and it is the real thing.  Psychic of Light gives me a sense of peace and confirms what I already knew but could not accept. She is so real and honest, and she is a pleasure to be around! Her readings are spot on and blew me away!"

-Jolene, USA

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