I act as an intermediary between you and your guides. I pass along their messages to you and show you how you can connect to the information yourself.

Hello and welcome!
As a psychic medium I see and converse with angels, guides and other beings. As a medium I can see and receive messages from souls who have crossed over. I can also introduce you to guides or angels hanging around you. Most often, I can tell you what their “job” is - what they are here to help you with. You can also ask questions of any of the beings I connect with and I will act as a conduit, or a middle-man between you and them. I find it to be an absolutely fascinating process.

There is a lot of crossover between the types of readings I do. I am an intuitive psychic medium with the tools of clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognition. I have no expectations on what will come up during any reading. Anything can, and often is, presented to me to convey to you.
It is best if you come with your questions prepared but not with expectations. Have a pen and notebook ready! My style of reading is very direct. Be prepared to have a direct answer to you question. It is not always what we want to hear but always what we need to hear.
I invite you to look around my site then email me with any questions you may have about how it works.
Colleen Craig


"Colleen has the most amazing ability to touch on the very thing needed to be said at the time. She gives me hope and strength in a great many things in my life - I am so blessed to have received wonderful wisdom via Colleen and her Spirit team"

-Phoenix, New Zealand


"If you are looking for a truly gifted Psychic/Medium then you are in the right place, Colleen is very accurate in her readings and that keeps me coming back and I am sure you will too :)"

-Chris, Australia


"Colleen, is direct, to the point, funny, loving, caring and wise. Her reading for my family was truly amazing and accurate beyond belief. She will guide you, direct you and most of all,inform you so you can make a conscious decision about life, love, career, money. She cares, about your well being, and wants you to know what your guides and angels need you to learn so that you can move along your life path, smoothly and consciously  Call her soon, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for being there for us all Colleen. Blessings."

-Maryella, USA


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